This book offers practical advice on how to thrive within work and community organizations. It’s a friendly overview to the basic soft skills we all need to be successful. This book would be handy to those entering or re-entering the workforce, or also anyone wanting to improve their communication and leadership skills.


Good resource for basic concepts. Doesn’t really address more challenging situations likely to be encountered by underrepresented minority and women in positions of leadership.

By Jamilah Grant-Guimaraes


As a woman of color trying to prove myself in this global economy, this book gave me some great insights and ideas on how to navigate the tough world of work which is full of sharks. Often, those around the office are not straightforward and when you least expect it, attack you. But this book gave the support and made me realize that I am not alone in this battle.

Effie Burwell, Senior Musician, Pleasant Green M.B. Church